Letter home to Eckford,   Feb 28/64

Yankee Tricks,   hope to go to Va, eny where but Tenn

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Camp at the Plains Feb 28th 1864

Dear Friends
here we ar yet a waiting orders
this morning we had orders to get our traps on for to march and here we are yet    every thing rety to start     last evening the 9th A.C.[Army Corps] had orders to march to Cumberland Gap so I hav been told they hav gon some where from here   , yesterday Jerome Gregory was here    he sayed the boys were all well    Simpson encluded _ the day that I came here when we got to the depot at Knoxville there was a man came thare with cukes    he had about one bushel and a half    he asked such a big price and the boys had not much money so the boys thought they would show him what a yankee trick...

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Knoxville, Tenn., vicinity. Military bridge at Strawberry Plains and a fort in the distance, seen from north bank of the Holston.
640228wow page 2 ...was and so they did,    one of the boys went up behind where he had one of the sacks on his hors and he cut a large hole into the sack and the boys took hold and helped them selves    and they had taken all of them brefore he knew it    and when he found it he took it as a joke and said it was the first yankee trick he ever had played on him    and thare was 2 of the boys went out a foraging to get a little fresh mutton and they found a flock of sheep and they were so poor that they thought they would not be fit to eat,   and they had no money so they killed some of the sheep and took the pelts and took them to a farmer and sold them for 50 cents apiece and came to find out they had sold them...

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640228wow page 3 ...to the owner,    we hav plenty to eat at presant    plenty of sugar and coffee,    our company officers ar all played out nearly    the company is commanded by a 3rd sargent    O. Bugbee is in Knoxville a trying to resign    I am realysin hapes he will make it out    the boys ar all well    I heren[hear?] Charley got a letter from his wife to day,   mailed the 17 of this month,    it is nearly dark and I guess I will close my writing    if we ar here in the morning I will write a little more

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640228wow page 4 over the mountains with the 9th A.C.
I do not think we will go    although I rely hope we will or go to Va    eny where but Tenn    I have stayed in old Tenn just long enough    I want to bee a moving about    I do not like to stay [this long] in one place    to day it[? ?] is a raining some, it will[? ?] a very disagreable day[?] it is[?] just afull[?] such a day as we have to march comm___y    the boys ar all well I believe with the exception of Ogden and Orlando. B__[?Brown]    Ogden? he is here [?sic]k and Brown[?] he is? back? to Knoxville,   Charley is in his tent asleep    I suppose you see I commence? __[writing this letter in]__ pencill _ll[?]     I could not get eny ink to write with but this ______ ______i___e our little corp? __________ ink to[?] finish? ______ __ expect[?] you have got the letter before this time _____ which ______ I _____ some[?] paper and envelopes ____ you could send it to me as soon as you could for I cannot get it    yesterday I bought two sheets of paper and that was all I could find
no more at presant    give my love to all    from
(( plenty to eat ))

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