Letter home to Eckford,   Feb 27/64

Camp near Strawbery Plains ... marching orders for Richmond
Frank Chase reduced to the ranks ... Bugbee trying to resign

640227wow page 1, Knoxville

Camp near strawbery plains
Febuary the 27th (64)

Dear Friends

here we are once more at the plains halted for a short time for the troops to cross the river and then we shall move forward    I expect we shall get to Richmond    We had marching orders the 23d and started for the plains    when we got here we had orders for a fifteen days march and this morning we crossed the river and here we ar now    some talk is that we will go to Bristall Va and that is 110 miles from here    Richmond is 250 miles from here, that will be a right smart ways from here    we shall have a right most time a marching thare

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Bridge at Strawberry Plains, 20 miles northeast of Knoxville;
camera on tripod at right
640227wow page 2 thare is more soldiers now on the move then you ever thought of seeing    as the natives of East Tenn call it, a right smart heap of them    I recieved yours of the 17th which had those pieces of news paper in, also
Charley recieved that one from his Usail[usual?] what had those caps in    I am prety well I thank you,   how ar all of you,    I suppose that you have heard that John H Brainard has got to be Drum mayjar[Major]    he makes a prety good one    you must not expect to get letters very often from me while we ar a marching for I have but little time to write    I suppose that you have herd that Carprell Frank Chase got redused to the ranks,   Bugbee   he got mad at Frank and had him reduced    Bugbee he lost a good meny friends by so doing    he is a trying to resign and the ...

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640227wow page 3 ...Boys ar all enhopes that he will make it out    thare is is some of the boys   if they ever get free again they will Whip him nearly to Death    I shall have to close for I hear the beat of the Drum and I expect the command will be given prety soon for us to fall into line and march    give my love to Cousin Uina[?] and all of the inquiring friends
Please excuse all mistakes
From William

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- marginalia -

I expect you will see that this is writen in a hurry

this letter cost 9 cents, pres_gly[?]

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