Letter home to Eckford,   March 16/64

Bugby at the Company, the Rebs at Russelville

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March 16th, 64
Camp Near Mor__town
East Tenn

Dear Friends

    Last Eavening I recieved a letter from you mailed the 1 of this month also a package of paper mailed the same day    I was very glad to recieve the ____ the paper came in good time for I was just out    I could sell every sheet of my paper for 5 cents a sheet but I do not want to sell eny now I have got paper you will hear from me prety often,
    the boys are all well I believe    O. Bugbee[?] is back to the company    he could not resign when he tried to at Knoxville    but he is not agoing to ...

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640316wow Page 2 ...give it up as he has made out the papers again and sent them into headquarters again_te beo_sined[?]    I am realy enhopes he will get out of the company,  thare is not a friend in company a, but would do better in command of the company than Bugebee,  what ever I write to you about Bugebee I am not ashamed to say before his face,
it is quite eval to Day    the wind has been blowing very hard for 2 or 3 Days and it is eval enough for a man to wear his big coat
sence we came here the rebs has come in sight of us and there was a rgt sent out and drove them back,  the report is that thare is quite a force of rebs at Russleville that is 6 miles from here, but we shall start them from ther esoon    I think this army will march on Richmond before long as soon as they can get the railroad repaired so we can get supplies through    that is the talk generly,

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640316wow Page 3 after this when you write if you please you may send me a little Black pepper in each letter for we shall begin to draw fresh beaf soon and if I have a little pepper to put on it, it will go a great deal better   my mess mate has sent home for some,
my mess mate is Frank Chase   Charly is in with Jhon Brainard   he is agoing to get Detailed to carry the Bass Drum,
in my last I wrote about Chalse Noriss being sick with the smallpox   we it did not turn out to bee the smallpox   the Dr. said it was the conjeatise[?] chills   he has been sent to Knoxville to the Hospitall,   Denis Reardin is in the Hospitall at Knoxville   he has been sick but is better now and on duty thare,
in the letter last coming you spoke about getting that money that I sent to you   it was the first that I have heard from it   I began to think it was gon up the shanty [?]   If it had gon up I thought I would try a little more the next time we draw,   I am very glad it has got through safe

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640316wow Page 4 I do not know but I shall have to close my writing for my fingers is a getting cold,  I have to sit in my tent and write where thwere is no fire,  it is nearly noon now and I shall have to get my dinner    then I shall try and finish my writing

afternoon    I will try

and finish my writing now    I suppose you see I have no black ink and this is not the worst of it    I am where I can not get eny    the next place is at Knoxville and that is a god ways offern here,    when you write again just say what you ar agoing to do with the farm this comming season    if you rent it just say who to and for how long a time,    how do you get along with your patent right,    have you got it don yet    I do not know as I can think of eny more to write    I was glad to hear how healthy Grandmother was this winter and how Ida was improving in her studies    when you write again please write all the news    no more for this time    please excuse all mistakes and except this from


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