Letter home to Eckford,   Mar 27/63

Is it Posible...Brother Johney is Dead

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Bowling Green
March 27th

       Dear Perants
I thout [thought] that I would write you a few lines    I hav not herd from you within 3 weaks,    we hav got marching Orders to go to Louisville, Ky    we start the First Train that goes North
O mother is it Posible that my...

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630327wow pages 2 & 3 ...Brother Johney is Dead    John Brainard just got a letter that said that he was Dead    I could not hardly believe it    why did you not write to me and let me know that he was sick    I had got some things to send to him but Poor boy he will never kneed them
when I get to Louisville I want you mother & father to come and see me    it dont cost much & I want to see you    if you hav not got the money mordgage the farm to get the money

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now I want you to remember and come    when you write I want you to write all about Johneys Death
Write soon    Direct to Louisville

- end of letter -

There was no signature. Wm could have gotten the idea of mortgaging the farm from the letter of 63/02/16, q.v.

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edited by Peter J Wait, 5/8/2000