Letter to the Front from cousin Emma

all well with the exception of your brother John

This is the last page of a letter from Thomas Charles Cummins, Wm's cousin
it came from Preston Wells by way of Valerie Radee

Dear Cousin
      I presume that you will think it very strange that I have written on here but Charles has left it as so I thought that I would finish it     it is a snowing this morning and it is very unpleasant out of doors     it does not seem much like summer but more like winter     the folks are all well at present but I feel? like having the head ach but I hope not     Auntie [Wilhilmina Clark Cummins, Charles' mother] has been very lame for some time but she is better now     Grampa Clark came home from Homer last week     he said that they were all well with the exception of your brother John     he was very sick but I suppose that you have heard of that,

have you ever written to Uncle Simpson we have not had a letter in over one week     Will I will write to you again in a few days I must close by sending my love to all the boys in your _? __? Unit and all the rest in general

from M.E.B to W O W

- end of letter -

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