Letter home to Eckford, Mich.,  

I have got a box of things redy to send to you

This letter came from Preston Wells by way of Valerie Radee

March 22th

My Dear Parents

I thout I would write you a few lines     I am well and hope that you are the same     I have not had a letter from you in 8 days and I have wrot to you twise a weak and some times three times a week     I have got a box of things redy to send to you     it is some of my cloths and I have bought some of the other boys     the things consist of pants coats shirts one

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blouse shoes 2 caps     they are things I thought would do you some good   they will save you having to buy and Father I have got straped a buying thaes things and sending them home express     it has used up all of my money and I have run in Debt to some of the boys     now if you could send me some money I would be very thankfull so I can buy my Debts and have a little to help my self with

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this box you will find at the express ofice in a few days     I wish that you would write as often as I do     there was one train of cars captured? by the rebles a few miles from here     they Destroyed the engine and got $75.00 in money out of the express car     no more this time

From your son William
if you send me eny money sent it prety som [soon] as you git this

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