Letter home to Eckford

Mr Bugbee, he is a Country Plug him self ... guarding the trains

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Camp Near Bowling Green
March 10th 63

       Dear Friends
I take my pen in hand to write to you a few lines    I am well at present     the boys ar usiale[usual] well with the exception of C Wells    he is not very smart    I was on pickett night before last and last night I was on camp guard and to marrow I hav to go on pickett     it comes so that I do not hav one knight in 4    I hav not herd from you in 8 days    Charley has not herd from his money yet    hav you got that money that I sent to you in letters yet or not    I want you to write and let me know about it and let me know wheather you got that letter that had that ring in it for Sady    I sent it a great while ago    has Grandmother...

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Nashville, Tenn.   Railroad yard and depot with locomotives; the Capitol in distance.
630310wow page 2 ...got that picture that I sent to her    hav you seen that picture that us boys sent to Andrew Osborn,    our leut says that his boys   the Cuntry Plugs   wont do eny thing that they can get out of but he says that the city boys will do eny thing that he wants them to    that is Mr Bugbee    if he ever notised it he is a Cuntry Plug him self     I expect our Company will go to Nashville to guard trains    a few days ago there was a train of cars went to Nashville or started to go and when it got about 12 miles of here the rebles burnt the train with 18 car loads of mules and corn    they burnt the mules alive     they...

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630310wow page 3 ...took the engine of and fild it with coal and started [it] down the railroad track    I hav not herd how far it went before it stopped    the same fellows burnt a depot out here at Shaker Town with 2000 bushels of wheat in it and a lot of corn in it
I shall hav to stop writing for this time for I was up last knight and I am about whiped    write soon and giv al the particlars    tell John that he must write to me
       From Your Son   Wm O Wells

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