Letter to Wm O Wells,   Feb 28, 1863

from Henry Patten ...William [Patten] is in Nashville wounded,
The battle at Murfreesboro

I assume this letter was to William O Wells.
Henry (21yrs) and William Patten, from Branch Co., were in the 11th Mich. Inf., Co.'C'. There were 3 Secklers, Armon M. (21), Ashal G. (27) and George E. (19) from Clarendon in the 4th Mich Cavalry, Co. 'I'. At the time of the letter, the third may previously have died or, most likely, not yet joined the unit.

The battle of Murfreesboro or Stone's River was fought Dec 31/62 - Jan 2/63
Maj Gen Wm S Rosecrans, 44K men [US]; Gen Braxton Bragg, 37K men [CS]
Bragg retreated, Rosecrans did not pursue, but claimed the victory.
Estimated Casualties: US 13,249; CS 10,266

-- PJW 11/2/03
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Murfreesboro Tenn Feb 28th/63

Dear Friend
I recieved your letter and ways glad to hear from you    I am well at the presant and I hope that thease few lines will find you enjoying good health    William is in Nashville wounded   the wound is in his hand    we ways[was] in a hard fight    we fought for seven ours[hours] and 40 minutes under a heavy fire    the sechaud[second] day we ways in an hour an forty minutes under heavy fire    we could see a good many dead men and wounded men a laying on the ground where ever we went    they drove ous[us] back about five miles and then we thought that they...

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Nashville Hospital for Federal officers, probably not William's.
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... had drove ous far a nuff[enough]    we then drove them back and took their Breastworks    the seckent day we run them back about three miles as fast as they could go    the two Seckler boys hase dide[have died] since the fight    they are a taken a good many presnors every day and they are a fighting in the frount every wonce in a while,
We have a good time now    we are on gard in town now   but we have to go on gard every other day    we exspect to draw our pay to day    four months pay we draw

this is from your friend
Henry Patten

- end of letter -

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