Letter home to Eckford,   Dec 16, 1862

Arrival at Mumfordsville, Ky

Munfordville was the site of an important railroad bridge across the Green river - a vital link in the Union supply line. Because of this, Munfordville became a target for Confederate troops trying to destroy Federal lines of communication and supply.

There were three battles fought in the vicinity of Munfordville. Battle of Rowlett's Station, Dec. 17, 1861; the Battle and Siege of Munfordville, Sept 14th - 17th, 1862 (considered the second largest engagement in Ky) and The Battle of Green River Crossing, Sept 21, 1862.
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Mumfordsville Dec th16 1862

how do you all do today    I am better than i hav ben    thar is about 150 men here of our redg the rest of the men is on the road here    we was sent here on the cars[railroad]    it is prety fine weather here    yesterday it was as warm as summer    today it is a raining some    yesterday i went over the battle ground it is something of a sight to see where the rebles had there batteries    to see the ground plowed up with cannon balls and see where the rebles as buried some 500 to 800 in one grave    i can pick up cannon balls all over the ground and pieces of shells    you aut[ought] to see some of uncle sams side arms    i have seen some of his guns that was 11 feet long and 22 inches through them    the 5th Mich battery is here from Coldwater    the second cavelry has just left here for Nashville    i got that box the day before i started    that butter that you sent to me is worth $3 50cts but twice that money would not buy it from me    the day that i got my box i got a letter from aunt E. R.[the letter of 62/10/18] she sayd that she was a going to start a box of things to [?] ...

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battle scene from letter paper
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... that weak[week] with some mittens and socks and dried fruit
here is a pin[?] that has [bee]n to Mich and to Louisville and to Mumfordsville in a pye that you sent to me    you may keep it to send in an other one   and here is a cannon cap that is picked up on the battle ground where the reble batteries stood    C B Kenedy and H Blake gon to the Hospitle in Louisville i am afraid that Cicero never will be with the redgment again    i am here in about 15 miles of the mammoth cave and our camp is in about 20 rods of a cave that is about one half mile long    it had got some splendid rooms in it    we ar closte to the green river    it is so dry that it can be forded eny where    i must close now for i cannot think of eny thing more this time    i want you to write often and Direct   Mumfordsville, Ky    Wm O Wells   Co A 25th reg Mich infantry
      Write soon as you get this
       from your son

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