Letter home to Eckford, Mich.,   Dec.13th/ 62

"Old Morgan is within about 15 miles...
the boys ar all eager to hav the old chap make his appearance"

This letter came from Preston Wells by way of Valerie Radee

Dear parents
Mumfordsville. Dec.13th

I just received a letter from you and was very happy to hear that you was well     the boys ar mostly well     Frank Chase is sick in the hospital     I do not feel very well to day     the report is that old morgan is within about 15 miles of us     let him come the bloody 25th will show him a truth such as he has not seen     if he takes us prisoner we will all come home     this morning there was two boys come in to camp with nothing on them but their shirts abd pants     they stated that they had been out a gathering nut and thare was 8 horsemen took them     they made them take...

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...the oath and then let them go1

I hav not got a sent of pay yet and do not when I shall     i a letter from aunt E. R. and she sayed that she was making up a box of things for me and I suppose that they are in louisville now     Charley has just got a letter from Eric? he is well I believe he is expecting to go to his Companey soon

my butter tastes good to me you better believe and my socks and mitens is just what I wanted     i only wish I could get my pay and send you some money and fast as I get it you may be shure that I shall send it to you and I want you to use it just as you ...

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kneed it     I suppose that I could get a furlow to come home a while but it will cost so much that I guess that I will stay untill I come home for good and all

Friday morning the 18,
this morning we was all cold up in line of battle     old morgan is said to be this morning is within 5 miles of here     our Col. has sent for a batrie [artilllery battery] we got two field pieces last evening     We ar a going to have some more before long     the boys ar all eager to hav the old chap make his appearance     I had a fine breakfast this morning     I had peach sau pride sasage and bread and butter that was good enough for ...

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... eny body     the boys in this tent ar amending this this into When you write again just say What is good for the meazles for I may have them some time if I stay here long

I believe that I cannot write much more this time
Write soon as you get this
    X soon
      William Wells

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  1. an oath of parole not to bear arms any more, apparently they then got to go home, out of the war, hence Willy's vision of a way home. return

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