Letter home to Eckford, Mich.
c. Dec 20th/ 62

when a man is Hospital;
beaf tea, stamps and gloves

This letter came from the Preston Wells collection by way of Valerie Radee. The beginning, date and location are missing. I have assigned it the date of Dec 20, enough time for Wm to receive and to answer the letter of Dec 1 containing the query about the gloves.

thare was every thing don for him that could be don under the sercumstances     we had nothing to do with when a man is taken sick and is sent to the Hospital in the redgment     all that he has to eat is hard bread or soft when they can get it and with that they can have coffee without milk sometimes beaf tea     that beaf tea is made in this fashion they take a little beaf and poot it in a kittle with a great deal of water and they let it stay on the fire untill it parboyles and then they take it off and poot some salt in it and that is what they call beaf tea

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I had a letter from a friend that I am acquainted     she writ that she was a going to send me a lump of butter. [WOW actually used a period here, well it was most likely inadvertent] that will come very exceptible     I shall have to stop writing for the present for I do not feel very stout     tell granth fathers folks [the Clarks] that I have not forgotten them for I have not the postage stamps     when I get my pay I shall write to them     give my love to all the friends     have you got my sertifact yet     You wanted pkn to know wheather I had gloves on when I had my picture taken     I had white gloves on     no more this time from your efectionate son Wm O Wells

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