Letter home to Eckford, Mich.,   Oct 24/ 62

no letter sence I left Camp Kalamazoo
and I have rote you five

This letter came from Preston Wells by way of Valerie Radee
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Camp Abooril?
Oct 24th

Dear Parents

how do you all do   I am well at present     I think I shall be able to send you soome money prety soon the pay rooles [payrolls?] Was handed in this after noon     The pay day comes the 15th of the next month     I have just received a letter from Mr Roberts people that were all [well probably, Wm is in a hurry with this letter] they said that they had not heard from you sence I was thare

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I have not had a letter from you sence I left Camp Kalamazoo and I have rote you five letters to you sense I hav ben here     I herd that you herd that we was taken by the rebles but we have not had eny chance to fire a gun at them yet unless it was the guards     While we was out on that scout we got some prisoners and some horses     We had a chance to take eny thing that we wanted

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Co. A. Cramped? A barrel of sugar and brot it to the camp and had it to eat     It is worth from 15 to 22 cets a pound here     have you got a picture that I sent to you while I was in Camp Calamazoo     if you have got it I wish that you would write and let me know

Write soon
Wm. O. Wells

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