Letter to the Front,   Oct/18/1862

from Aunt Elizabeth

Elizabeth F Clark, who married Roberts, is Wm's mother's sister
page 1        Olive Branch October 13th / 62
My Dear Nephew
       We received your wellcom letter Thursday evening and we thank you for for writing us so soon to let us know where you were and that you are well. My dear boy I think about you a great deal you seem so young to enter the army. to be exposed to all the evils dangers and death that you will be exposed to but god is able to keep you from all harm and I hope you do not run into any unnesesary danger     put all your trust in the Lord to shield you from all harm and to bring you safe home to your fiends. We admire your patriotism to want to go and do what you can to put down this wicked rebellion   but you are so young I am afraid you will be persuaded into evil habits,   my dear child never suffer your self to do anything you would be ashamed for your friends to see you do and above all...

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...remember the eye of god is ever upon you and try to do that which you think will be pleasing to him    that will make you a better soldier and you will feel so much better in your mind to have an appreneing[?] consience. I wrote to you to Kalamazoo    dont know whether you got my letter    in two days after I wrote to your folks   but have not heard from them since

 We still have very dry weather    there is no wheat sowed[?] in neighborhood   yet it looks some like rain to day and is quite cool    I think about the poor dear soldiers having to lay out cold and stormy weather but I do hope rebellion will be driven to the wall before many months    We should like to know who is in your regiment that we know. We heard Hiram Blake had volunteered    if so I hope he is in your Regt and in your company   I think he would be a good mess mate for you    give him our love if there

 The night we got your letter we got one from John Gregg    he was well    they were before Washington to guard...

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...the City but do not know how soon they might be ordered to some other duty    Poor boy   he feels rather discouraged in view of laying out out an other winter    he says that it has been seventeen months since he has had his pants off to go to bed    the poor dear boy how I do pity him with hundreds and thousands of others and if I had it in my power I would with one swoope drive all the hateful rebels into the gulph of Mexico
I do have the Presidents last Proclamation   may have a good deal to do with closing the war and that it will all be closed up before spring    My son I want you to get some friend in your company to promise, they will write to us if any thing happens to you    We are usually well and lively[?]    hope you are the same    Uncle joins in love to you    write again when convenient and I will answer    good night and may heaven bless you and keep you safe from all harm is the prayer of
       your Aunt Elizabeth

P S just say in your next if you recieve this

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