Letter home to Eckford, Mich.,   Oct 30th 1862

I wish I had one of your cows
to make butter from

This letter came from Preston Wells by way of Valerie Radee
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Oct 30th 1862

Dear Mother

I just received your kind letter of the 24th the first that I recieved from you since I left home and I have wrote six letters to you     I was glad to hear to hear that you was well I havnt got my pay yet. but I expect to have it soon     we had plenty to eat such as it was while we was gon     I wish I had one of your cows to make butter from     butter is worth 40cts a pound and milk 10cts a quart     I have not had eny butter to eat since

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I left home and you may think how it is for one who is used to having it to eat but I think I shall gert along as long as I can get hard bread and coffee     The other day with one of my letters I had a picture with it     It was from a friend down east the only one that I have heard from since I have been here     John Brainard sayes that he wishes that John would come out here and fife for him     you want to know I am off for socks I do not have enough to keep my feet warm

Good by from your Son
        W O Wells

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Dear Father

I was very happy to hear from you     the snow fel here the 22nd one inch deep it was all gon in a few hours     if you get drafted you can come here and standin? a great while ? to tramp 22 miles in one day and carry 62 pounds on your back besids a gun then lay down on the ground and lay there all k?_ing     I have done it sense I have been here     have John get to John Mumbrues and get my bufflow shoes and a pair of pants that I left thare when I was thare to work

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page 4  of orig that postage stamp come very ecceptable to me . I have not got my pay yet . when I get it I will send home to you to use up as you need it . I have to barrow stamps to pay on my letters . They are getting pretty scares here Write as soon as you get this from your boy W O W

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