Letter home to Eckford,   June 17/63

the leut... got mortley wounded but we did not lose a man

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Louisville June 17th

    Friends at home
how do you all do today    I hav got home all safe and sound and no bones broke    we found Charley here   we[ll?] and tuf as ever    five of the Companys [D,E,F,I, & K] has gon to Clumbia Ky1 and thare is 5 Companys left here    thare is some of our boys gon off on a sevat[?]    they had horses to ride    Deney Reardon[?] and J.?.Kincaid ar with them and last friday they had a fight with the rebles and the leut[?] that was in charge of them got mortley wounded but we did not loose a man    the reble loss was 15 killed 5 taken prisoner and 25 horses taken we do not...

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630617wow page 2 ...know how long we shall stay here,   the word just came in that the boys ar a fighting out here a few miles and they took 200 prisoners and there was 14 of our boys killed    I do not know weather eny of our boys in our company was killed or not    I cannot think of much more to write this time   
no more at present   
except[accept] this from W O Wells

the 17th in the afternoon    I thought that I would finish my letter    Charley and his wife is down in the city a boarding at the tavern   only $1 a day    father if you can get me a few stamps and send them to me    I wish that you would for I hav not got eny money and not eny stamps    the corn is nice out here

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630617wow page 3 I see corn that was 3 feet high   potatoes is as large as a goose as a Ganders Eggs   green Peas as they hav out here wheat they will begin to cut prety soon    it is warm enough here to keep comfortibley warm with this[?] coat on    may be you will think that this is prety hard writing    well I do not know as you ar mistaken much for I am in some what of a hurry [I agree]    if I had not started for the _____ until the next day I could of stayed 8 days longer for Bugbee sent word to me to stay that much longer and then bring his wife[?] to him    I do not know but if I had stayed much...

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630617wow page 4 ...longer I should of had more we___e_ than I could get though with    well seeing that this side has not got eny marks on I gess that I will not write on it [the last side of the folio is unlined]

[in very large letters so as to fill the page...]

No more at
The Present From


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1. The five seperated companies under the command of Col Moore repulsed thousands of confederates under Gen Morgan at Green River Bridge near Columbia thereby saving Louisville.return

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