Letter home to Eckford,   Aug 16 /63

Ida...glad to here from you

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Louisville Ky
August 16th
My Dear Friends

I now set down to answer a letter that I got from you last evening    I am prety well with the exception of a ?[bad] cold    every time that I get a little cold sence I was sick it settles on my lungs and then I do not feel very bully until I get over it    to day I hav been geting some more of my extry clothing rety to send to you    they was in a box with some of the boys that was agoing to send...

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630816wow page 2 ... them home    the box was sent to Wm Gregg and he can get the things and as the friends [meaning Wm's parents] gets them they can pay [Gregg] for them. I want you to take Charleys out to and Charley will pay you for it what ever it costs,
Mother you spoke of me saying what I thout best about your going back on the farm as renting it to Bill Rapp    I cannot say eny thing about it    if I was there I could say prety quick what I would do    I think that I should go to work on the farm    if you rent the farm I do not want you to rent it for more than one year at first for it might so happen that I should come home    then I should want to go to work on it myself    it is raininng hard to Day    the rain cools the air a little but not but a little while the the thamomator has ben as high as 100 & 5 in the shade

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to Miss Ida

Ida   I found a little note in the letter that mother rote to me from you    I was glad to here from you    you spoke of being agoing to Sabath School    I am very glad that you ar agoing    I am in hopes that you will continue to go to school and go thare to learn some good by it and not go thare to see the girls and boys and not learn eny good by it    and you spoke of the Sabath School agoing to hav a picknic and you could not go for you had not clothes to wear    if I had eny money I would send it to you in a minut but I hav not got a cent to my name    and I am afraid that I shall not hav much to send home this pay Day for we hav to settle up our clothing account I had so much of my cloths stoll when I was sick that...

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630816wow page 4 ...I had drawn more than 40 dolars worth and what[that?] over the 40 dolars we Draw in one year    it comes out of our months pay but I shall send home all the money that I can    I have not got one cent of money to my name and I am agoing to be left behind th redgment without one cent of money to my name to help myself with    no more at presant    Ida you just think the next time that you get a feeling bad[?] because you cannot go to partyes that I do not hav eny chance to go to eny such placyes and am off here alone where I cannot se eny of my friends    Remember that,
Give my best respects to Mary Wells and tell her to keep that little Wells of youres prety good for may be I shall want him for a substitute1 before long
Write soon

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1. During the Civil War soldiers could hire subsitutes for themselves and thereby get out of the army.return

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