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Pvt William Ozias Wells
Cmp 'A' 25th Mich. Inf. Regt.,  1862
Pvt. William Ozias Wells, 1862
Co A, 25th Mich Vol Inf Regt

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A Note on the Transciption

Some Links to My Sources:
National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Library of Mich: 1870_census
nara             National Archieves and Records Admin

Documents obtained from NARA:
            Certif Disability,     Adj.Gen's Off.1871,
            3 Affidavits for Pension,     Adj.Gen's Off.1881
Extract from 1870 Census
Free & Accepted Masons Decree

My Sources:
bible             Clark-Wells family bible
HCCM         "The History of Calhoun County, MI 1830-1877"

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About These Pages

new!   This is the third major version of these pages (v.3.0, 2015 Jul 13). I have added fifteen new letters that I have received from Valerie Radee, a researcher of genealogy in Mich with much information on the Homer area and the Wells family. She received the letters from Preston Wells. I have given the new letters the suffix of '_pw' in the this Index and a direct path to all by following the next pw link at the end of each pw letter.

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*   In order to read all the news from the farm I have also added a similar path to all the letters originating at Eckford, Just follow the next eck link at the end of each eck letter.

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I also have more material concerning the greater Wells family genealogy: obits, death certificates, bios, relative news clippings from the Homer Index, et al. that I received from both Valerie and cousin Pat Davis, Preston's daughter. I will update the Wells Family and the Wm O Wells pages shortly.

Previously I have added Wm's pension records from the National Archives, the Clark-Wells family bible pages, more graphics including early photos of some of principle players.

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A Note on the Transciption

Gentle reader:

I have retained all the original spelling. Where I think the meaning is unclear I have inserted comments in brackets []. If I am not sure I include a question mark [?]. Where I can not decipher the original I have replaced it with an underscore _.

 William Ozias uses a modified capital letter 'P' 'D' and 'W' at the beginning of words which I have replaced with lower case. He is inconsistent in capitalizing proper names. I have corrected this for the sake of readability with the exception of the personal pronoun "I" for which for a time he consistently uses the lower case. His mother chides him on this practice in one of the letters and he corrects this.

 I have also retained the original rudimentary punctuation. I have added two spaces where I think a period should be and one for a comma. I allow the lines to break where they will depending on the width of the viewing screen. Where there was a break in the original I break and skip a line. I have retained the original pagination for ease in referring to the original.

 Some of the letters and covers have an number affixed in the form "No99". I assume this was done at Eckford and was done to keep the letters in order as they were reread.

 To view an image of the original letter, click on the thumbnails in the margins of the transcriptions where available.

 I apologize for eny lapses in these precepts in the following transcriptions of the letters of my great grandfather William Ozias Wells and his correspondents.

 No more for now

 Enjoy. PJW 6/11/99




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