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Pvt. William Ozias Wells,
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Pvt William Ozias Wells
Cmp 'A' 25th Mich. Inf. Regt.,  1862
Pvt. William Ozias Wells, 1862
Co A, 25th Mich Vol Inf Regt

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Wm O. Wells Time Line
Documents obtained from NARA:
            Certif Disability,     Adj.Gen's Off.1871,
            3 Affidavits for Pension,     Adj.Gen's Off.1881
Extract from 1870 Census
Free & Accepted Masons Decree

My Sources:
bible             Clark-Wells family bible
HCCM         "The History of Calhoun County, MI 1830-1877"
70Census     Library of Mich: 1870_census
nara             National Archieves and Records Admin



Wm O Wells' Time Line

Feb 4, 1844 born to Martha B Clark and William Wallice Wells; bible
Aug 7, 1862 enrolled in Co.A, 25th Mich. Inf. Regt. at Homer
Sep 11, 1862 mustered in Co.A, at Kalamazoo
Mar 20, 1863 brother John M. Clark died, letters
Apr 25, 1864 crushed on the cars, C'tif Disabl'
May-Jun 1864 In Hospital at Nashville, Tenn., AdjGen
June 24/64 Detached duty as orderly at Military Prison, Louisville, Ky.
June 7, 1865 mustered out
July 3, 1866 m. Ellen O. Andrews at Coaks Parrie, Calhoun Co., Mich
by Rev John Ashley; HCCM
Jun 11, 1868 b. Lena D.
  1870 head of household, Homer; 1870 Census pg.622
April   1871 applied for Pension
1-17-1872 Geo. McCartney bought interest of his former partner,
Wm. O Wells - Groceries - opposite Westcott's brick store.
-- Homer Index (the newspaper)
May 6th, 1873 Sublime Degree of Master Mason; F&AMdecree
8-19-1874 WO Wells has new residence enclosed
on Hillsdale, between Platt & Barney Sts., Homer Index
Aug 7, 1874 b. Preston L.
2-16-1876 WO Wells has been ill, Homer Index
3-14-1877 Fire - Sunday, WO Wells, Hillsdale St,
lost the building, but was insured., Homer Index
Apr 27, 1883 b. Florance V.
  member G.A.R.
January 1906 applied for increase of pension
Jan 30, 1911 wife Ellen died, Homer
March   1915 living in Battle Creek, MI
Oct 15th, 1918 LIFE MEMBER of Humanity Lodge No.29
of Free and Accepted Masons; F&AMdecree
May   1924 traveling salesman; in poor health; Battle Creek, MI, Dcl Pens'n
  living w/ daughter Lena, 2300 Highland Ave, Milw
Feb 24, 1933 died Milwaukee, Wis, age 89. left $1150 &
120 unimproved acres in Hillman, Mich, value=$450,
Feb 27, 1933 buried Homer; cost $386.89


Extracts of documents obtained from NARA

Certificate of Disability for Discharge

...a permanent injury of the spine caused by being crushed on the cars [a train accident] on the 25th day of April 1864 while advancing on Knoxville Tenn, in the time of his duty and service of the United States. He is over half disabled and his physical condition is not suitable for the Veteran Reserve Corps.
   -- Otis Hoyt 30th Regt, Wis Vol, Post Surgeon

Discharged, this Seventh day of June, 1865, at Louisville, Ky
   -- Otis Hoyt Surgeon 30th  Wis Infantry


April 24th, 1871

...for Pension No. 163,464 ...
...enrolled Aug 7,1862 at Homer...
...mustered into service as a private Sep 11, 62 at Kalamazoo, Mich ...
in Co "A" 25th Regiment of Michigan Volunteers, to serve 3 years, or during the war.
On the Muster Roll of Co."A" ... for the months of May June 1864, he is reported - Pvt. William O Wells In Hospital at Nashville, Tenn.
On Muster Out roll dated June 24/65[64?] he is reported as mustered out on that date with remark - Detached duty as orderly at Military Prison, Louisville, Ky.
The Cert of Disability...discharged at Louisville, Ky June 7th 1865 which date is accepted as the correct date of discharge.



State of Michigan
County of Calhoun

[This and following two affidavits were pre-printed Military Claim forms, filled out and notarized]

Original Pension Claim

William O Wells Private Co "A" 25th Regt Mich Inf

...have known Wm O Wells ever since June 1865 saw him as often as once a week from 1865 to 1867. knew he was suffering from lameness of the back and left-leg caused by a hurt he recieved while in the army  knew he had to step very carefully or his foot would turn over and he would fall. his back troubled him so much that he was unable to do any lifting. knew he was confined to the house for several days at a time could not say just how often. could not say what wages he recieved as he was working for himself. I do not think he has done more than one forth of a mans labor since he was discharged.

Merrill P Andrews [in-law?], 27th Aug 1881



State of Michigan
County of Calhoun

Original Pension Claim
William O Wells Private Co "A" 25th Regt Mich Inf

...that he is unable to procure the evidence of the physician Dr G M Blair? who treated him from 1865 for about a year and of Dr A Russell who treated him until 1867 for the reason that they are both dead and he prays that evidence of neighbor and of Dr Collins who has treated me from 1867 to the present time may be taken and considered in liew of thier evidence

William O Wells, 15th Sep 1881



Original Pension Claim
William O Wells Private Co "A" 25th Regt Mich Inf

...I have known W O Wells ever since 1865...Have known him to be unable to any hard labor...trouble of the back injuries...also had his leg hurt there of which he has to be very careful how he walks as his foot will turn right over with him...confined to the house a number of days...I think he has lost about three forths of the time from labor by reason of his injuries...

David H James, 16th September, 1881



to Commissioners of Pensions, Nov 19, 1881

...from enrollment to June 30/63, present
Aug 31/63 left sick at Crelesboro?, Ky while on the march [Owensboro is c.60 mi. NW of Bowling Green]
Oct 31/63 Absent in Hspl, Knoxsville, Tenn
Dec 31/63 Present. Same to April 30/64
Jun 30/64  Absent in Hspl, Nashville, Tenn. Same to Dec 31/64
[from Co Morning Reports]
Aug 21/63 Absent sick at Crelesboro?, Ky
May 1864 Absent, left sick at Calhoun, Tenn
Name not mentioned in Co Morning Report book which covers from
April 1863 to March 1864. Nature of illness not stated.


Declaration for Pension - May 15, 1924

...traveling salesman...requires regualar personal aid and attendance since Jan 1, 1923....
...Rhumatism, Heart Trouble, Broken hip...59 Broad St, Battle Creek, MI...


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1870 Census, Homer, Calhoun Co., Mich.

Wells William Calhoun Homer Vill. page 618
      as a 25 year old farm laborer born Mich       [all born Mich. unless stated otherwise]
      who has $300 in personal property.
          ?Ellen, 23, keeping House; Lena, 2yr.
Wells William Calhoun Homer Vill. page 622
      47yr, wagon maker, $1200 real estate, $600 personal property, NewYork
          Martha, 46, keeping house, Penn;
          Sadie, 14, attending school; Harry, 6, attended school; ?Katie, 3;
          Sarah Clark [Martha's mother], 86, w/o occupation, $600 real estate, New Jersey
          [on the 1860 census Wm's mother, Mary Kennedy was living with his brother Benjamin]  
Hill John Homer Vill. page 622       [neighbor of www]
      47, coopering, w/ Hill Harriett [prev. Gregory?], 33, keeping house;
      Gregory Charles, 12       [Ida married a Gregory in 66, Charles' brother?]

To all Free and Accepted Masons wheresoever thoughout the world

We the Master and Wardens of Humanity Lodge No.29

of Free and Accepted Masons, constituted under a Charter from the Worshipful Grand Lodge of the State of Michigan and located at Homer Michigan,
Do Certifiy that at a regular communication of said Lodge held on the 15th day of October A.D. 1918, A.L. 5918, having in considersatioon the long and distinguished services rendered to the Craft by our venerable Brother William O. Wells, a member of said Lodge in good standing, who has signed his name in the margin hereof, and who was born on the 4th day of Febuary A.D. 1845 who was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on the 6th day of May A.D. 1873 who has been an affiliated Mason for upwards of forty years and has been during that tiime distinguihed for zeal and fidelity to the Craft.

As a token of appriciation and affection, the Lodge did, by vote, create the said worthy Brother a LIFE MEMBER of said Lodge, and we certify that he is for the term of his natural life entitled to recognition and honor as such and to all the rights and benefits attaching to such status according to law.
In Testimony Wereof we have hereto ... Attested ...

edited by Peter J Wait, 11/4/2003
copyright © 2003, by Peter J Wait,