Letter home to Eckford, April 23/64

Mossy Creek, a good dinner, fishing

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Camp Near Mossey Creek
apr 23rd

Dear Friends

I recieved yours of the 14th to day and was glad to hear from you and more    it has been several days since I here from you    I am tough savey as ever    we ar on picket to day and we ar having a pleasent time of it,  it is very warm to day,  I suppose you see how my paper is blotted here    well I too much poaling[?]to to __ when I write for the paper to look well,  you wanted to know weather I head eny more of that...

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640423wow Page 2 ...unknown feamale coraspondance,  I have not for the best reason in the world I have never answerd the letter I recieved from her when I was at Knoxville,  I must tell you what a good dinner I had to day    we had some greens w/ pork and I bought some milk and gave 20 cents per quart and bought some buisketrs just about as large as an old fashioned penny and gave 25 cents a dozen for them and I made out a good dinner    where we __ __ pickett to day is a very nice plaice    it is on the banks of the creek,  I have been a fishing to day    I did not have eny great luck    my hooks was to large,  I wish when you answer this you would send me some small fish hooks some of the smallest size

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April 24th (1864)

I will try to finish my letter to day    it is sunday and it is raining some to day    our company and ten[?] outher companys have gone to Bulls Gap in the cars to guard the train    I did not care about going so I stayed in camp, and let Charley have my gun and straps[?] so he could go, and I stayed in camp to write, in company with this letter I will send S___ Pictures    some I sent to N. York and got    I want you to get some frames if you can and if you cant I want you to keep them clean untill I come home and then I will take care of them,  I got those postage stamps you sent me in yours of the 14th,  I have just been after the mail    thare was no letter thare for me

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640423wow Page 4 I cant think of eny more to write at present    as soon as you recieve those pictures I wish you would write and let me know    just say to William Gregg I shoukld like to hear from him    I will close and go to getting my dinner for it is after noon    the boys is all well I believe    no more at present


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This is the last letter.
Two days later Wm suffered "...a permanent injury of the spine caused by being crushed on the cars [a train accident] on the 25th day of April 1864 while advancing on Knoxville Tenn, in the time of his duty and service of the United States." He never returned his company and was troubled be his injuries the rest of his life.

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