Letter home to Eckford, April 18/64

Mossy Creek
concerning a new company commander and
the cost of a photograph

This letter is very difficult to read. Sitting on a log and writing in obvious haste had a serious effect on the penmanship and spelling. I have corrected some of these errors leaving Wm's usual style. PJW
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Mossy Creek Ecal.[east?] Ten
April 18th

Dear Friends at home
I once more sit down to pen you a few lines    I am well and hardy    I cant think of eny more to write at present    as soon as you recieve those pictures I wish you would write and let me know    just say to William Gregg I shoukld like to hear from him    I will close and go to getting my dinner for it is after noon    the boys is all well I believe    no more at present


yesterday I recieved a letter from you which I was very thankfull to recieve    to day I recieved a letter from cousin Charley Commings    he said they were all well there, also one from aunt E. Roberts    they were well    Uncle has sold thier place and ar agoing to Michigan    they think of starting the first of May    I should like to be thare when they come but I cannot and thare is no use of thinking of it

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you said in your last that George Waldron was at home and th _en__d [thinking of] being married,  he is married I am sure for he got married while the [?] were at Blairs Crossroads,  I do not doubt but he is ashamed of her for I think I should if I claimed such a piece of human flesh as she is    we have had a nice little shower to day and now the sun is is a shining out bright    it is nearly dress preacts[presents?] time and our new company commander will take our company    will ___[?] is the first Leut of company B[?]    his name is Danniel Kimble    he is in command of Co A since O Bugbee left    __s Bugbee is at Knoxville    I believe he was ordered to report there for duty    I believe I just ___ D________ the mistake in writing you    will see by the no of the pages [the pages are out of order and he has numbered them]

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thare is some of the boys a getting thier picture taken    I thought I would wait before I sent mine home until I can get one taken for a more reasonable price then I would have to pay here for such a picture as you could get taken at home for 40 cents here we have to pay from two dollars to 3 Dol and that is to large a price for me to pay for having my profile taken,  here I am a sitting on a log to write and since I began to write it has clouded up and looks like rain    I must close for the present    give my respects to all enquiring friends


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