Letter home to Eckford,   Apr 11/64

Mossy Creek,   East Tenn
concerning the weather,   Bugbee,   the death of Sylvester Mumbrue
and the lack of stamps

640411wow Page 1, Mossey Creek

Mossy Creek, East Tenn
April 11th

Dear Friends

how do you all do to day. I am well having just come off from drill    I thought I would pen you a few lines    What kind of weather do you have out thare. We have beeen having a good deal of rain latly    to day it is as warm as summer    the peach trees have been in blosom now for a long time    the clover is quite large so the animals can get quite a good living,  I suppose you have got that money that I sent you before this    at least I am in hopes that you have    I wish each time you...

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640411wow Page 2 ...write you would send me a few stamps    I have a good deal of writing to do and I cannot get a stamp in Knoxville,  may bee you think I am asking a great deal but my writing paper and envelops ar all gon nearly and if you think I deserve them you may send me some more    David Burger met with quite a loss to day while he was at the sutters[sutler?]1    he droped his pockett book or some one robbed him of it with all the money in it he had

morning of the 12th

I will try to finish my writing this morning    yesterday it was very warm and it rained all night last night    this morning O. Bugbee starts for Knoxville    he was ordered to report thare for something or other    what I do not know. I expect it is for detached service. I got a letter from mother last eavning mailed April...

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640411wow Page 3 ...1st   also one from Erie Wells    He was well    he said [?S]ylvester Mumbrue had been dead for several weeks    when he wrote he said he died of the measels, poor boy,  but a few[?] days he soldiered it,  Erie said he guessed if John Mumbrue was out of the service he would go to the new gold minds. but I guess he is where he will have something else to think of.,
it is a getting near drill time and I shall have to close my writing    when you write bee shure and do not forget to send me some stamps    thare is not hardly a stamp in company A     I have to pay 5 cents a piece for some to send my letters off to day    tell Sady when she has nothing else to do she may send me a letter...

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640411wow Page 4 ...___[undecipherable, he is really scribbling fast]

I am just detailed for duty and shall have to stop writing

no more at present


- end of letter -

1. A person who follows an army, and sells to the troops provisions, liquors, and the like.
Origin: D. Zoetelaar, OD. Soetelaar, a small trader, especially in camps, fr. Soetelen to undertake low offices; cf. G. Sudeln to do dirty work, to sully, soil, E. Suds.
Source: Websters Dictionary  (01 Mar 1998)

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