Letter home to Eckford,   Jan 14/64

one of our boys died

At Mossy Creek, on Dec 28, 1863 Brig. Gen. Samuel D. Sturgis, thinking a brigade of Longstreet's cavalry were detached to Dandridge, ordered most of his troops in pursuit. Meanwhile, the reunited cavalry, under Col. Samuel R. Mott attacked the remainder of Sturgis's force. After much hard fighting and the return of some of the troops from Dandridge the Union forces claimed the field. The Reble forces retreated during the night; the Union forces held the line for some time.

There was another engagement on the 13th at Mossy Creek, TN
wherein U.S.A.- Casualties Not Reported
C.S.A.- 14 Killed, 0 Wounded

640114wow Page 1, Mossey Creek [this letter was in cover 7]

January 14th 1864
Mossey Creek Station
Dear Friends

I now take my pen in hand to let you know that I am well and hope you is the same    tomarrow morning our Company Ordlay starts for home    if you want to see him to inquire about me you can call at his place    he lives in Maringo    his name is Louis C. Hillem   1st sargent Co A 25th Mich    he is agoing to carry this letter to you,
I have been detatched from the Company for a few days but am at the Company now,
this morning thare was one of our boys died    his name was Benick[?]    he was sick with the meayzles    the boys ar getting rety to go and bury him    I shall have to close my letter for the present untill after the funerall    I hav to go as a paulbarer

--- I hav got back from the furneal and I will try and finish my letter    I have sent you ten dollars in a letter and here is 2 more    we draw ...

- end of page 1 -

640114wow Page 3 ... 4 months pay the first of march and then I will be able to send you more than I hav this time for I shall not hav any clothing to pay for,
it is aufle hard times to get salt    when we can find eny to buy we hav to pay $1 a quart and it is prety scarse at that price    the Leut. of our Company that is Bugbee, bought a pair of boots and they were not the best quality    he had to pay $18 for them,
here I will enclose a piece of paper that has got the tax bill on it    when a man has got to pay such taxes he had better give up the gast[ghost?],
the Boys ar all well    I believe Charley is a setting here a reading a paper that Frank Chase had sent to him    when we hav a paper come to eny of us it is red untill thare is nothing of it
    no more at present from your dutifull
       son Wells
(P.S.)   Charley says that he has sent that money to his wife that was for father to pay him for working the road taxes

- end of letter -

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