Letter home to Eckford,   Dec 22/63

no reenlistment for this child

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Knox County Dec 22rd (1863)

      Dear Friends
I now take my pen in hand to write you a few lines    I am well and hope you ar the same    I have drawn my pay and thare is some of the boys a going home and I thought that it would be a good chance for me to send you some money for it is not safe for me to send eny by mail    I did not draw but 20 dollars    it took nearly all the pay I had a comming to me to settle my clothing A lot[allotment?]    some of the boys did not hav one red sent a comming to them    I drew 20 dollars and I will send you 15 dollars of it    I will send it as soon as our Ordley Segent [Orderly Sargent?] goes home and that will be soon    he will probley go to Homer and he will call and see you    his name is Louis C. Hillim[?] he is a pretty fine kind of fellow,   if I was a young girl I should set a trap and try and...

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631222wow page 2%3 ...catch him,    last eavning I had a good long visit with Sim [Simpson?]    he came over to see me    I saw Gerome Gregory    he was well    the Homer boys was all well with the exception of young Davis    he had his leg shot off as you hav herd before this time I presume,   thare is a great time here among the troops about reinlisting    they ar reinlisting for 3 years out of old regts   them that has been in servis for 2 years    they get their old bounty and $402 bounty and 60 days furlow [and] 3 months recruting at home    thare is a good menny a going into it    I dont think they will get this child to reinlist again    when my 3 years ar up I think I will go home and wait untill the rest serves 3 years,   thare is a great deal of Gambling agoing on here in camp    some of the boys makes a great deal of money and others makes out of pocket    some of them sends their money home that they make a gambling    what money I send home I get onestly

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631222wow page 2%3     I had rather not hav eny money to send home than to get it a gambling    Charley is agoing to send you that money to pay you for his road taxes    here I will enclose to the girls each of them 25 cts apiece for them to buy their candy,    that thread that you sent to me came very handy for my old clothes were a kneeding it very much and there were no thread to bee had for love or money    when you write again just please send me some more stamps    I have payed 5 cents for some [3 cent] stamps when I was out of stamps    it is almoste sundown and I must close for I want to go over and see Simpson this eavning    what kind of weather do you have down in Old Mich this winter    we have splendid weather down here    if we had such cold weather down here as they do up north we would freese with such poor clothes as we have

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631222wow page 4     this mornong I will try and finish my letter    the mail came in this morning and it brought me 4 letters one from aunt lil and 3 from you,    you spoke of the friends a coming out to Homer a new years day    I should bee very happy to bee thare but I cannot for my time is not out with Uncle Sam and it would not look very well to quit him before my time was out
you spoke about sending me a box of things    you had not better send eny box for it would be very unsertain about me agetting it    you said you had sent me some paper and books [or hooks] I have not recieved eny of them yet    I must close for the present for I have 2 more letters to write yet to day and go over and see Sim    the boys ar all well and in fine spirits
give my love to all the friends
please say to cousain Melvina I would bee very happy to have her write to me
no more at present       U.S.boy

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