Letter home to Eckford,   Sep 15, 1863

hospital again, Knoxville

Oct 31/63 Absent in Hspl, Knoxsville, Tenn;
Dec 31/63 Present. Same to April 30/64 [at 25th Mich Inf]
  -- reported from Adj Gen Off
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     Evening of the 15th 1863
      I am on duty this evening and I had a few spare moments and I thought that I would improve them by writing to you    this after noon I went and saw Fred Waterman    he did not go with the the regment    he was left here in town with some more of the teamsters    he was well,   I expect to see Simpson tomarrow    they ar ordered back here from Greenville and they expect them in to Night or in the morning and as soon as they get here I shall go and see him,   to day thare was some more wounded men came in      they was rebles the moste of them they was shot to pieces very bad,    in the morning I am going to write to Charley Wells and hav him send me my letters that is thare,   I expect that I will hav to hav my letters franked for I hav run out of stamps and thare is not one in town to buy,   it is a very bad Night to be out    it is very dark and rainy    I pity the boys that hav to stand Guard or Pickett for I know just how it is my self for I think that I have stood on Pickett when it rained and I expect to hav it to do again if I keep my health

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Ward K of Armory Square Hospital, D.C.
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I hav a fellow in my room that has fits and when he has them it is just as much as I can do to hold him on the bed    I hav only 8 men in my ward now and I can get along with that many very well    I shall hav to close for I hav to write a letter to Charley and hav him send my letters to me for I begin to want to see a letter    I hav not seen one in so long I do not hardly know how one would look
No more

Write soon and   
Oblidge a soldier
William O Wells 

       Knoxville Tenn

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