Letter home to Eckford, Sept 6/63

An epic march,   sick with the remitten fever

Lebanon Ky Sept 6th 63

      Dear Friends I once more hav the oprotunity to write    at the present I am at Lebanon    I went with the regt. as far as I could and then I was sent back    when we was at Louisville the Dr. said I was not able to stand a march and that I would hav to go to the hospital and stay but as usial I thought I knew more about wheather I could march or not than he did and so I went    we took the cars at Louisville and went to Lebanon by rail road and then we started for Knoxville, Tenn on foot and I marched about 50 miles though the hot sun and over mountains all the time feeling as if I should give out every step I took and at the end of 50 miles we stoped at noon one day to take dinner and then...

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March to East Tenn
March through mountains of East Tennessee
...if you had just happened along thare you might of seen me curled up on a pile of blankets and it seemed as if I should burn up alive with fever and then they took me into the ambalance and rattled over the rocks for about 20 miles the worst road you ever saw    we had 4 horses to the ambalance and it was all they could do to get over the road and then we came to the Cumberland River and thare I was left and a couple of Co.B boys stayed there to take care of me and every thing that I had they[the regt?] took with them    they did not leave even a clean shirt and left me thare with out a change of cloths and not one cent of money and no discriptive roal[role?] so that I could draw eny more cloths or pay and thare I was left sick with the remitten fever and finly thare was an ambalance...

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Unknown location.   Zouave ambulance crew demonstrating removal of wounded soldiers from the field
...came along agoing after the briggade    and the bush whackers was so thick over acrost the river that they thought it not safe to go eny farther and they stayed there a ful day and then they started back and the boys got me into the ambalance and we started back for Lebanon and thare I was so weak that I could not hardly sit up alone and thare I to ride over 60 or 70 miles the worst road you ever saw or thought of    thare was a leutennat with us a day or two and when he was with us at night he took me to a house and had a good bed for me and payed for it himself and after he left as I had to sleep out dors at night    but I got along very well and here I am    I feel better    I am so that I walk around some and here I bee without one cent of money and no discriptive list that I cannot...

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...draw eny cloths nor money untill I get back to the Regtment and that may be 6 months before I see the regtment again    if I had the money now I could go and see aunt E.Roberts [in Cincinatti]    the Dr. told me go eny where that I wanted to    eny where that I could get the best care    I expect to go to Louisville soon and from thare I cannot tell where I shall go    I sould like to here from you but I cannot untill I get to the company
the word just came in that we was agoing to the Regt soon
Please write soon    from your son
   Address Co A, 25 mich Infty
   first Briggade 2nd Division
   23rd Army Corps Via Louisville Ky

   ( here is the directions )
   ( write as soon as you )
   ( get this write all )
   ( the news )

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