Letter to the Front, from Pa   May 3-4/ 63

The death of Will s grandfather John Clark

This letter came from the Preston Wells collection
by way of Valerie Radee

Eckford Sunday, Evening May 3/63

My Dear Son

Hiram Blake has got home he got here on Saturday morning and I went and saw him on the afternoon of the same day, he handed me a letter from you and the package of old letters and in looking them over we found that you had sent Johns Likeness along with them, did you intend to send it home or is it a mistake, when you answer this please say how it is

I did not see Hiram but a few minutes as I was in a hurry to go to Homer to see your Grand Father [John Clark (b. 4/16/1781; d. 5/2/1863; 82yr 17 days)] he was verry sick and not expected to live your mother had been there all the week with him, and he died about 9 oclock last evening, we did not stay until he breathed his last, but we well knew that he could live but a few hours when we came away, I just come from there and he is to be burried tomarrow at 11 o'clock, the funeral is to held at the Brick? Church in Homer, Grandfather had the same desease that our john had and was sick the same length of time, just 10 days Poor Old grandmother she could not think that he must die until in the afternoon just before he did

The papers that you sent too me I got them the evening previous and took the old one as you requested up to him but he was then to weak and feeble to look at it and never saw it. Your Grand mother took it and will keep it

it was seen by a good many that were in there thar night and the next day, and they thought it quite a curiosity, let us know how you came by it for I should like to know the history of such an old paper

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We shall not be able to send the box just at present on the account of the likeness but will get it done as soon as posible we are well as usual,   but ma is tired out Sarah Wells (the School Marm) has been quite sick, with the erysipellas but is now considered out of danger,

our peach trees are just begining to blossum and the cherry trees also     It has rained some this afternoon the first in about a week     wheat looks first rate

I will close for it is about 11 o'clock
    So good night for this time
      From your affectionate

At home Monday afternoon,

have just been to the funeral and it is raining so that we cannot go home, so we have concluded to wait until the mail comes in in hopes to get a letter from you

I wish you could send me a Louisville Journal once in a while if they do not cost too much,   when you get your pay from Government I want you to send me what you can spare as I am going to get a harness and shall make calculation on your helping me some

      Yours in a hurry for the mail

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