Letter to the Front from cousin Emma, April 18/63

there is lots of pretty Boys out hear

This letter came from Preston Wells by way of Valerie Radee

Hudson April 18th
Tecumsch Mich, 1863

Dear cousin Will

      I dated my at Tecumsch but as I have moved I will date it over again. I arrived in Hudson last Monday one week ago tomarrow     when I came hear I did not know any one but I got hear on Monday and Tuesday morning I commenced to go to school and so you see I got some acqquanted but not much but I think I shall be that is if I go to school and I expect that I shall_______I have been homesick yesterday and today but I shall get over that if I stay long enough ________

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Will did you receive that letter that Charly wrote to you     I wrote to Denis at the same time and sent the both to Bowling Green but you moved from there so soon that I do not know whether you received so I thought that I would ask you     I received your last letter last week     Mother has been very lame but she is hear with me or I am with her     she is writing a letter Home and I am writing you     there is lots of pretty Boys out hear so Mr Fenton size     His brother is one     he has been up hear twice since I have been hear and Mr Fenton says he likes me but he had better not for I have got one picked out so and he is not the one     His picture is before me now while I write

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so I can look at him just as much as I want to and there is lots of pretty girls hear also     but you know

that it is not the girls that I am after but the boys

do you and Denis hear from Laura Wells very often     she told me she would write to you often and make you answer them     I hope that you will forgive me for not writing to you more letters but Will I have so many letters to write that it takes me all of the time to write but I will try and do better in the futurer if you will forgive me for what I have done,

it has rained all day and it is yet and I think it will rain all day but I think it will be a beautiful in the morning     I hope so     what...

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...kind of weather do you have down there where you are and when you write again tell me if you think you will stay where you are long or what you think of doing     do you think there will be any fighting down where you are     I heard that the 18th Regment was down there with you     Is the 17th down there and have you seen Uncle Simp yet     Mother is agoing to write to him today     Will I want you to write me all of the news that you can think of and tell me if you have seen any of those Rebels since you have left Homer and if you have seen any of them little Nigars that you wanted to see so bad     I shall have to close my letter for the want of more room     but write as soon as you receive this and I will answer it just as soon as I receive it     when you write direct to Emma Blogett     Hudson Mich and Box 287,

I must close by saying
      Good By from your
          M. E. B

Emma was 15 at this time
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