Letter to the Front from aunt & uncle Roberts

the sad news of the death of your dear brother

This letter came from Preston Wells by way of Valerie Radee

Olive Branch April 1st 1863

My Dear Nephew,

      I suppose you have had the sad news of the death of your dear brother ere this, it is with the deepest for you sorrow that I take my pen to tell you how much we both pitty you, but my dear son do not grieve, your dear bother is better off,

We had a letter last on Friday from Uncle Michael and also one from Ann Hartley[?] telling us of his death, he was sick right on ten days with inflamation on the lungs, was sensible he was going to die conversed freely on his future state prayed to the Lord to receive him as a soul redeemed from sin, bid them all good bye and I believe left a message for you and died happy,       I presume your folks have written to you before now.

My dear nephew you and your dear parents have our deepest sympathy and our heart aches for you, we know you will feel very lonesome and bad,away there from all your friends, but my dear boy do not sorrow to much, but let us be thankful that he died so happy he is now beyond all suffering and sorrow and I trust is

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singing praises round the throne of God and the Lamb... he can't come to us but we can go to him and I feel that it was a loud call to us to be ready to go also let us give our whole hearts to the saviour and try to live right in the sight of God and then we shall be ready to go and meet him in his happy home when ever the good being sees fit to call us hence to be here no more..

We have not had a letter from your folks yet but I presum we shall as soon as they feel as if they can write, I wrote to them the same day we got the letter telling us of his death     Now my dear boy do not let your mind dwell to much on the sorrows of your home, I trust that he that has taken your dear brother, will give you and dear parents strength to bear your affliction and sanctify it to all of your good,     Try to look foward to the time when you will be released from the services of your country by an honorable peace, and return to your friends and all be happy together, and I do hope that time is not far of now, everything sems favourable to that end now. It is said that the health of the entire army is better than it has ever been the soldiers are in good condition and in good spirits a great many deserters and stragglers are returning to the army of the Potomac. The scarcity of subsistance for both man and beast thoughout the entire south we think must help to bring them to terms,     the people of the south are many of them coming north and report many in almost a starving condition now and our troops are getting the rebel army so completely cut off from supplies that their situation must still grow worse

Write again soon as conveniant and I will answer with pleasure Uncle joins in love to you be hopeful and cheerful as ever you can it will be better for you and those around you and may your life and health still be preserved and you protected from all harm is still the prayer of your Uncle and Aunt.
    E & E J Roberts

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