Letter home to Eckford, Mar 28/63

it dose not seam so that John is dead

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Lebanon, Ky March the 28th [1863]

       My Dear Parents I am well as usial and here at Lebanon    We had orders to Louisville but came here    this other letter is one that I wrote to [you while in] Bowling Green    it dose not seam so that John is Dead    you never wrote that he was Dead    but Poor boy he has left a world of sorrow and I trust that he is happy in Eteranety    I may be the next one to follow and if I do Live to come home you shall never need for eny thing as long I can raise...

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630328wow page 2 ...one hand before the other    I want you to write all about Johns death    we ar here where the mail is cut of by the rebles and I hav to express this through    it is not likly that I can write again very soon and tharefore you must not wory about me if you do not here from me again in a great while    i told you to direct to Louisville but direct to Bowling Green if you write at all    I wrote to you for some money but I do expect that you do not got it for me and I do not want you to send me eny money and deprive your selves of the comforts of life    i am out of money but I can...

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630328wow page 3 ...better than you can    if you here that we ar taken prisoners you must not wory about me for if I do get taken prisoner as soon as I get perold [paroled] I shall come home for a while    when the rebles take prisoners they do not keep them but a little while    thare is a great many rebles not a great way of[f]
I cannot write much more now so I must wish you good by for this time

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