Letter to the Front,   Feb 27, 1863

from Martha B and Wm W Wells

all that deserts now is to be shot

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Eckford Feb 27th

My Dear Boy

How do you do today and how are you enjoying yourself    we are all reasonably well excepting your pa    he has a dreadfull cough    he seems to never be well    he has been miserable all winter    him and I went out to Marshall day before yesterday to see Cap Pratt but he was gone to Kalamazoo a recruting and we didnt see him and they couldent tell us there when he would be in Marshall again    I was very sorry for your Father is not able to go again very soon    Oh Willie   If you had listend to the advice of your parents last summer how much it might have saved you    but it do no good to fret...

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...about it now    but my child I do hope you will profit by the lesson you learn,   we shall try again to see Pratt but I very much fear it will do no good for when they are in want of more men they will hardly let one go that is as well as you are    but my child do right and some thing will turn up    yet to help you they are talking of drafting again here    have you heard of that thirty men that is condemned to be shot for deserting    all that deserts now is to be shot    I cant think of much news now    Larch Wells is keeping company with Anson Richy    tell us who it is that is going to send you some butter    you said that Em told you that I hadent writen to her     very good reason for it   she has never written to me     I must close for this time for John to take to Homer   be a good boy    from your Ma

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My Son
      I shall write you a few lines but I am in a great hurry    tell Charley that I have paid his taxes and have got it all straight    I will write to him in a few days    those 30 men that your mother speaks of were in the Army of the Potomac,   what does Bugbee say about your case,   you must keep a stiff upper lip and do the best you can,   and I will do the same for you,    it is very warm and very mugy here,
we went to Marshall and bought some clothing for the family,   you must accept our sincere Thanks for sending the money,
Good bye    From your Affectionate Father

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