Letter home to Eckford,   Feb 24, 1863

...aneious to have a fight, ... a dispute over wood

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Bowling green
Feb 24th

My Dear Friends
how do you all do to day    we ar well as common and all aneious to hav a fight   we ar expecting to hav a brush with old Morgan    we expected an atact last knight from him    we was all cald[called] up to fill our catarag box with cataroges [cartridges]he is reported to be 2000 strong of cavelery    we expect him here to night    if he comes we ar prepared for him,
if you want to see a speceman of company A as it is you just call at Anbue[Andrew?] Osborns and you will see    we ar a going to send Wm Gregg a picture of some of the boys

no more to knight

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boy w/flag illustration from letter paper morgan
Confederate Brigadier General and guerrilla raider John Hunt Morgan
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Wensday eavning Feb 25th

 I hav time now to finish my letter   we were not atacted last eavning but we do not know how soon we may bee    we herd here in camp that thare was a boat on the river about 6 miles from here was taken by Morgans men
Charley wants me to say a few words for him for he is a makink rings[making rounds?]    he says that old Dan has no wright to cut eny timber eny where  only where he clears and he says that if he wont stop he wants you to clean him out    Charley says that if he will not let his father get wood off from thare and if Dan thinks that he owns the plase that he will make out the Deed and send it to...

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...him by the next mail   he says that if you will clean him out that he will stand all expenses and pay you for it   what ever it costs
the last time we was on pickett thare was one of our men out of this company he accidently Discharged his gun and shot off his 2 front fingers on his right hand
hav you got my money that I sent to you   if you hav got it I want you to write and let me know about it,

tomarrow we hav to go on pickett    I shall hav to close for this time    write soon
from your efectionate son   Wm O Wells

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