Letter to the Front,   Feb 23/63

Tell Bugbee that he must release you... from Pa
Oh Willie how I miss you... M

This letter came from Preston Wells by way of Valerie Radee

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Eckford Feb 23/63
My Son

      the money that you and Charley sent to Wm Gregg came safely to home,   it got to Homer on the 18th am     he said he would not charge anything for his trouble,   I paid him the two dollars out of it that you owed him I have not written since receiving it for the reason that I wanted to go out to Marshall first, but have been so lame in my knee that I could not go but intend now to go in 2 or 3 days and then I will write you again, Wm Gregg said he would write you or Charley a line the next morning, after he received the money to let you know it had come safe through,   we received a letter from you dated the 12 with the cotten seed in it, you have asked many times about your certificate, it came by J [or I] Watermuns? he left the letter at Allens, and I got it the same day he left it

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the money that you sent will do us a heap of good as I have not been able to earn anything in all winter     I am going to Homer this afternoon to get Sadi a new pair of shoes that will be the first use that we shall make of it, we have not had any sleighing yet we dont expect to have this winter,   yesterday it snowed all day, and today the sun is shinning as clear and bright as you ever saw it,   I saw your aunt Nancy Dooliittle on Thursday last at the funneral of C. B. Kennedy and she said she had just got a letter from you that she had forgotten the date of it John was at your aunt Sarah __ [probably daughter of Greene Wells now married] and they were well,   we have not been to Grand Father [Clark] in a long time, but believe they are well as common,   tell Charley that I will attend to his case soon,   tell Bugbee that he must release you and send you home for your Father says so, and then write and let me know what he says,   from Pa

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My Dear child
      How do you do to day     we are not very well but not sick I have not been to grandfathers yet but think that I will go soon     I cant think of any news to day but the Homer School held a great exibetion last week John was there     he said it was worth what they paid for admission that was ten cents     they are haveing debateing schools over north and have great times     our school is out in two weeks and then they are agoing to have a great exhibetion there     they are agoin to erect a stage for performance     we are all envited to attend but I dont expect to be able to go I cant go any where a foot     Oh Willie how I miss you     I dont get any where as I used to when you were here, there is so much for me to look to that I cant write any more this time     M

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