Letter to the Front,   Feb 8, 1863

from cousin Emma Blodgett

Three Rivers Feb 8th 1863[?] Dear Cousin Willie
       I now sit down with pen ink and paper to answer your very kind letter or letters rather for I recieved 2 from you last week and was very glad to hear from you and hear that you was well but very sorry to hear that Denis was sick,   I hope that he will be better soon,   Mother recieved a letter from Uncle Simpson last week    he was well but he writes that John Gregg was sick in the Hospital at Washington,   it is looking a little like Winter,   I went out on the Pond Skating last week Wednesday    it was very nice skating but the next day it snowed all day and spoilt the ice but I went a sleigh rideing that evening and I went the next evening also and...

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   '...old bells to make cannons...'
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...there is to be a ride next week and I think now that it will be good sleighing for it has snowed all day quite as fast as ever it can   and I hope it will stay on for a week eny how   and then I do not care wether or not it stays or not for I am agoing to go home    Mother thinks of starting for home next week Tuesday or Wednesday certain    so you must send your next letter to Tecumseh [Mich] and I do want you to forget and send it hear   for if you do I will never recieve it,   I was intending to go home by the way of Marshall but Mother thinks that it is so cold that she would not go that way but she said that she would go some time in warm Weather prehaps untill you return so that we can have another roast pig[?] or boild Eggs would do if it was Easter day    I suppose that you remember the Eggs   do you not    I am shure that I do and I do not think that I will forget it very soon,
I was over to Mr Hicks last night and stayed all night and he said that the 25 Reg. was agoing to leave the plase that they were at   but I hope that you will recieve this letter before you do go    I have not heard eny thing from Denise in a good while & was very sorry to hear that Charles Wells...

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...was sick    you did not say what the matter was    I am very glad to hear that you keep so well and I hope that you will keep well and not get sick    and Willie I want you to be a good boy and put your trust in God    I do not want you to take the name of God in vain for you know that the Bible says that the Lord will not hold him Guiltless that taketh his name in vain   but trust in him for he only can take care of you in this hour of trouble,   I do not want you to get homesick but I want you to stand firm and show yourself brave    they are haveing a great time hear with desearters    there are 2 hear now that I know of    I do not know what they intend to do with them    yet I know that the life of a Soldier is hard but as you have undertaken it I want you to stand firm and be worthy on the name of a soldier    do you know a fellow in your Reg. by the name of Albert Ranney[?]    he is in the Three Rivers Co. and if you are I want you to tell me what kind of fellow he is and if you are not I want you to hunt him up and get aquainted    I am well aquainted with his brother Adison Ranney...

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...I attended my first Party in 3 Rivers at his house    it was given Thanksgiving evening    his Father is the Presbytarian Minister    I heare him Preach every Sabath and I like him very much indeed    I am takeing Music Lessons    my tearm expires next week and then I am agoing to go home and go to school    Willie I wish that this letter was finished for I want to go to bed for I have been up every nite last week untill after 11 o'clock and last night I stayed all night with Miss Hicks and we did not go to bed untill after 2 o'clock    so you see that I am some tired to night    but I want to put this letter in the male tomarrow morning    Willie I want you to write and tell me all of the news what you can think of    how do you get your paper to write on    I cannot write mutch more this time for it is getting late and my paper is almost gone    when you write to me again direct your letter to Tecumseh as I shall be there and do not forget it    I must close by sending you lots of love from both Mother and my self and by wishing you Good Night and Pleasent Dreams    write as soon as con[venient] from your Coe[cousin?]

Emma Blodgett

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do not forget to tell me all about Mr Albert Ranney from Emma L ' '

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