Letter home to Eckford,   Jan 28th, 1863

"the company is all sick" in a vey bad Camp

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Bowling green january 28th 63


I once more take my pen in hand to let you know that i am well    yesterday i had the sick headache but this morning i feel smart    we have lost 5 men that has died and poor Cicero is bad    we left him in Munfordsville    Charley was left to take care of him and he was taken sick and come to the redgment    the company is all sick but a few    we have a report to make of from 6 to 8 men fit for duty    that is of privats and they ar some of them taken sick every few dayes    Charley Burt is no better...

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we ar camped on the railroad where the mud is shoe deep or has been    it is preety cold to day and is snowing and freezing a little    we ar a going to move in a day or two to a new camping ground and we ar a going to hav new tents    the ones we ar in now ar good for nothing    they leak    the rain runs rite though them    the 23 Mich is camped rite a crost the railroad track    they hav lost a great meny of thier men    thare has 3 of our men of our company has gon to parts unknown and some more of them that is agoing as soon as they get thier pay    thare will be a good meny of the boys dischared in a few days

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the 23 of this month i got a box that aunt Elizabeth [sent me]    she sent me nearly a half bushel of dried peaches and 1 pair of socks and mittens a few green apples and some papers    i hav not got eny letters but one from you in nearly 6 weaks and i hav written 2 a weak all of the time since i left home    it cost me some thing to write    i hav to write some weaks i write 4 letters a weak and paper here this fools cap is worth 2 cts a sheet and this kind 1 cent a sheet    i wish that when you write you would send me a sheet of paper    i hav to run in debt for all the paper and envelops that is get...

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...and pay when i get my pay    i shall hav to close for this time for i hav [to] do som writing for the boys that cannot write    i hav a great deal of writing to do    thare is some of the boys that cannot write and they get me to write for them    i would not bee here and could not write for [?] nothing
i wish that i had some money to send to you for i expect that you need it
no more this time    from your son   W O Wells
direct to Wm O..Wells
Bowling green Ky. Co A. 25th redgment Michigan infantry
Write soon

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