Letter home to Eckford,   Jan 7, 1863

Cicero is prety hard up

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Camp Near Mumfordsville
January 7th 1863
Dear pearants

I take my pen in hand to let you know how i am    i am prety smart but i feel ___[?] dull to day for i was up with Cicero last night    Cicero is prety hard up    our redgment has gon to Cave City    we had orders to march to Nashville but the order was countermanded and last eavning the redg was ordered to Cave City and i was one that was left to take care of the sick boys    thare was only 16 men in our Company to go   and when we left Kalamazoo we had 84 men
i hav got a box in Louisville that aunt E..Roberts [sent me] but i cannot get it from thare for old Morgan tore up the track so between here and Louisville    i hav got some of my butter yet that you sent to me and i hav let the sick boys some to eat on their bread    I hav had my mittens stolen from me and some butter and my ...

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630107wow page 2 ...blankett while i was sick with the meyzles
thursday the 8 1863
    i thought i would finish my letter this morning    one of [the] sargents out of this company died this morning and thare is 4 or 5 that we think that cannot live long    our sargent that died was Tery[or Pery] Acker from Fredonia    he was our 5th sargent    i wish that you would tell Ciceros father how he is and so he can come and see him before he dies for i think he cannot live long    the captain is agoing to Louisville and i can send this by him    i do not feel very smart to day for i hav to help to take care of the sick and do the cooking for them    the boys has come home from their march and they did not see a reble while they was gon    i must close for i hav not got much more paper to write on    i sold one pair of my shoes and and got a little paper    for this paper i had to pay 2 cts a sheet and this is the last that i can get    write as soon as you get this and let me know what Ciceros father is agoing to do with Cicero

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i want you to atend to that soon    from your son WOW

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