Letter to the Front,   Dec 7th, 1862

from Aunt Elizabeth - family news and advice
"be a good boy ... if you get sick come to Cincinnati"

Wilhilmina and Simpson are children of Thomas and Christiann Clark, the elder brother of Aunt Elizabeth and Willy's mother, Martha. Cicero Kenedey would be related on Willy's father's side of the family. I do not know Hiram Blake's relationship.
page 1       Olive Branch    December 7th/ 62
My Dear Nephew
      We recieved your letter in due time from date and was glad to here you were well and Cicero was getting better but sorry to here that Hiram was so unwell    I fear he is sick now but will try to hope not    I presume you think I am a long time answering your letter but I have had a great many hinderances    I do not forget any of my soldier corespondents   but am painfully alive to the suffering and hardships our dear brave boys have to endure and my prayer is that the Lord will sooth and ease your sufferings as far as possible    that he will bless you with sucksess and give you victory that an honorable peace may soon be restored to our land and you all restored safe to your friends   then you will all be glad you have done and suffered for your country

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 We had a letter a few days since from Willamiona[sp?] Cummins    she said Simpson had volunteered in the 17th Regt but did not say where they were. had she gave me his addrys I would write to the dear boy

     We still send you two papers a week    I hope you get them. We are agoing to send you this week a small box of dried fruit    you a pair of mittens and a pair of socks   and a pair of mittens for Hiram Blake and a pair for Cicero Kenedey    We will send these Express to Louisville direct them to you or to Hiram Blake thinking if you were gone from there Hiram might be left there sick as he was not well when you wrote    but I hope that you are all well and are still there and will get the box and enjoy its contents    but if you have left perhaps you can send back to the express office and have them sent to you    We shall pay the freight to Louisville    I want you to write who else is in your company that...

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...we know,   and if you get sick as soon as you are able we want you to get a furlough and come here and let us nurse you    You can come to Cincinnati to the corner of lower[?] market where you will take the Batavia and Williamsberg Buss    tell the conductor where you want to stop and he will have you here    he knows where we live    Uncle and me both give the invitation to you   Hiram   Cicero or any one else in your company or Regt that we know. We are tolerably well    Uncle joins in much love to you all    write soon again    we want you all three to write some and put in the same envelope    please excuse a short letter    I have nine letters to answer and I want to write what I can to day for I want to knit more mittens to send up to West Virginia by a man that is going up this week,   I want to know if you are all well clothed   if the socks are good you get of the government and if you have good ...

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...that keep you warm nights    you poor dear boys   you dont know how much I do think about you    We have not heard from John since I wrote you before    good bye for this time    be a good boy    shun all the evil you can    put all your trust in the Saviour for time and eternity and all will be well    Please write as soon as you get your box and oblige your Uncle and Aunt
       E & E F Roberts

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