Letter home to Eckford

raw pork and dry bread;  
about Charley's taxes   and a note to Ida

The place and year of this letter are uncertain. I am saying near Louisville, Nov 1862. The camp name is undecipherable in three different letters; see comparison
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Camp Fowett[?] Nov 29th Dear brother

I thout I would write you a few lines to let you know that we ar all well    Gabe is a little better    he is a going to be discharged and sent home as soon as he is able to travle    the boys is just a coming in from picett guard    they ar a tarring after some thing to eat    they were sent of[f] with nothing to eat but raw pork and dry bread    we ar a getting fat as pigs    it is just such a life as I like to live    thare was a bridge burnt in about 30 miles of here night before last    you must write soon
from your brother    W O Wells

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[it seems the next morning,
but Wm uses same date]
Nov 29th 18[?]
Dear bother

how do you do this morning    I am prety well I thank you    Charley is gon of on gard and he wants me to speak to you about paying his taxes    he says that if you will pay them he will make it all rite with you    he is a going to write as soon as he can get tim[e]    I recieved a paper from you last eavning    I was very glad to get it    if you take them papers i wish that you would send them to me    the michigan papers is sometime a little extry here    i cannot think of much more

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Dear mother
I thout that i would like to say a few words to you    i am well    how do you do this morning    tell Granth brothers that I want them to write to me    I cannot get the things to write with    I am out of money and cannot get paper and stamps to write with    the home boys hav got 11 boxes of vituals from home    I belive that I cannot think of eny more to write this time    you must write as soon as you get this
from your son   Wm O Wells

- end of letter -

- marginalia -

Ida    I came near to forgetting to write to you    how do you do and how is Sady    ar you a going to to school this winter    write you must as often as you can    I am not in eny hury to go home    I am not home sick eny at all
no more this time from your brother
William    Wells O

- end of marginalia -

Wm's sisters:
      Martha Ida Almyra, born Jan 7, 1851, age almost 11yrs
      Sadie (Sady) Ada Phidelia; born Sep 14, 1856, age 6 years
Both girls survive childhood, marry and have their own children

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