Letter home to Eckford, Mich.,   Nov 21st

"a great many ... sick in the Hospital;
the boys has gone to bury Orlando Crocker"

This letter came from Preston Wells by way of Valerie Radee

Camp fewett Nov 21st

Brother John
I thought I would say a few words to you     I feel a little better this morning     yesterday I was very sick with the sick headache     to day the boys has gone to bury Orlando Crocker     he died the ??     he did not have his sences when he died     Gabe Sanders is not any better     i do not think that he will ever see home again     Hirum Blake is sick with the fevor that is what ales Gabe Sanders     there is some talk of our going into the barrocks 5 miles from here     there we have a little sheet iron stove in our bunk     ar you a going to school this winter

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if I was there I would go to school myself     Thare is nothing like knowing the school mom     I am adrawing new pants and shirts and coat     thare is a great many of the boys sick in the Hospital     Have you got them traps of Geo Daniels and that one of Greens yet     it has been raining here and it wet the clay and so that it is pretty hard traveling     I cant think of eny more to write at present     I want you to write a long letter as soon as youu get this no more this time from your
brother William O Wells
(PS) I do not think that you do write as often as you promest to     It is very seldom that I get a letter from home 

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