Letter home to Eckford

camp near general Buckners plantation

In 1861 General Simon Bolivar Buckner, while in charge of Central Kentucky, began the fortrification of Munfordville. On February 16, 1862 he surrendered to Grant under terms that led to 'Unconditional Surrender' Grant. Later, exchanged, he turns up in East Tennessee under Longstreet.
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Nov 11th/177[?] [1862]
Dear father    I received your letter of the 6th and was happy to hear that you was well    I am getting so fleshy that you would hardly know me    I weigh almost 160 pounds that is rather more than I used to weigh    I think thare is some hopes of our coming home sometime    the Col. says that we will go home between this and spring    the boys has some of them got friends in florida...

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Lt Gen Simon Bolivar Buckner, CSA
Simon B. Buckner
In 1864 while charge of E. Tenn, he is known as "Simon the Poet"
old Bells to make Cannons
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...and they say that they ar within 2 miles of the rebles and they ar not allowed to fire a gun at them and the rebles the same way    that looks as if thare was a going to be some thing doing    we ar camped where the first reble flag was raised on general Buckners plantation    he had over 600 niggers and they they hav all left for the north    I believe I want you to write oftner then I do for I do not hav...

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...time to write much    there is not agoing to be much grain    around here for the ground is as hard as a stone and they ar not agoing to sow eny wheat this fall    it has not rained here since last june    I wish that you would send me some Detroit papers if they ar old ones    no more at present
       W O Wells

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       Dear brother John    I am well at present    Charley is Drum magjor no longer    he has been reduced to the ranks by the Col.    the boys do not like him[the Col.] at all he is so cross    he put two of the fifers in the guard house the other day    ar you agoing to school this winter    who teaches the school this winter    Bugbee had some nice vituals sent to him the other day    it looked nice to me    hav you got them traps off George Dainides yet    your brother William    write soon

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Simon Bolivar Buckner(1823-1914) rose to the rank of lt gen during the war. From Oct 28/61 through May 2/64, he commanded 2nd Div, Central Army of Ky; Fort Donelson; div, Hardee's Corps, corps, Army of Tenn; Dept of East Tenn; div, Cheatham's Corps, Army of Tenn; div, Dept of East Tenn (Nov 26 - Dec/63); and again commanded the Dept (April 12 - May 2/64). At the end he was commanding the Dist of Arkansas and W. Louisiana, Trans-Mississippi Dept.

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