Letter to the Front,   Nov 4/ 62

Life on the Farm &
a Tale of Pat Hays the Irishman

this letter came from the Preston Wells collection
by way of Valerie Radee

My Dear Boy
How do you do today    are you well and are you happy and have you been in any engagement yet     Oh Willie I am so fearful every day of hearing some bad news from there     We had a pareing apple party last week     the house was full but I had no dancing nor music     I could not while I did not know what was hapning to you
Yes we got your likeness     What did you pay for it and we have have got all your clothes but your vest     what did you do with it     Our folks has not got all the potatoes dry yet but think they will finish tomarrow     they will have about forty bushels and the corn is not husked yet but John has it all to do     your Father has commenced to work for Mr Ladow
Why don't you get our letters we have writen four or five since you got to Louisville
Oh my Child do live every day so that you will be prepared for death     you must consider what danger you are in continuly and every day commit your soul to the care of your heavenly Father and he has promised to never leave or forsake them that trust in him and Oh willie do give your heart to your Saviour that when you have to die you may meet your little Brother that loved you so here

Nov 5
I have sat down to finish my letter     Sada is very sick this morning I don't know what ails her     Oh Willie I can't write I am so unhappy     Greens have got a letter from Eric he is in Road Island on parole

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Dear Brother
I t__ ___ I would stick a few lines in to ___     how doo you do today and how did you make out __lig gurils     did you have any fighting to do     have you seen Bartt _____?_______     I think some of _____?_____muton     am I to ask for it     I don't know what to write so I guess I have to quit so good by
yours truly J C Wells

write soon as you can and let us know how you are Dear Willie do take good care of yourself and dont run into danger for you know that my children is all I have to cling to in this life     Grandpas folks is all well     I believe Mrs Douglas told me to give her respects to you and tell you to be a good boy     no more at present
from your ever affectionate Mother
        Martha B Wells

Eck   Novena 5 1862

      Dear and affectionate Brother
are you well to day     dond you get lonesome down there     I wrout you a long letter and put in a invelope and put it away and now I can't find it     I suppose you heard that Nick Hess and Mary Taffie is married     they had two apple partys two weeks ago     pa has got Dan Camel to dig us a seler for two dollers     Patrick Hays a boy that worked at Hess he is about fifteen and he com over here with Pat Taffie a horse back and

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got here about ten oclock and when they got most her Pat Hays the Irishman fell off from his horse and his right arm by the elboe struck a root and when they got here mother thought it was broak but pa did not think it was but William Hess told Bill Rapp that he went home to Marshall with a broken arm     are you a oak? nolt'?

So farewell
      from you affectionate
          Ida Wells

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Eckford Nov 4

      My Dear Son

we have endeavored to write as often as you do, I am now in Homer have just received your letter of Oct 3rd and am verry glad to get it, I guess you will get more letters soon     John has got the clothes from Mumbrues, but did not get any overshoes, [see 621003wow] he has written to John Brainard to see if he can come [to fife for him ], it is cold and stormy today this is wednesday, the draft is put off until the first of December, and now follks think there will not be any drafting done, there is three more regiments now forming and it is expected that they will get all the quota by volunteer,

when you send your money be sure and direct your letter plainly, I shall be verry glad to get soom money for we need it verry much     Mr Henderson tells me that you dont need stamps get your officers to write on the envellope that it is a Soldiers Letter and it will come just as well and I can pay it here and it will not cost me any more than 3 cts.

Yours W W Wells

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