Letter home to Eckford, Nov 4/62

home before spring

postmarked 62Nov08 Louisville Ky
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Camp F[?]ett nov 4 1776[?]

Dear friends how do you all do       this morning I am prety well I thank       how do you do    I believe thare is not much fighting going on at present that I know of       I am a fraid that Gabe Sanders will never see home       he groes wrose all the while       Charley Wells is not able to do duty he has got the rhumatism in his leg so bad       he wants you to work his land tax for him if you would       I got two papers from uncl Edwd yesterday       the Col. says that he will bet the best horse that he has got that we will all go home in the spring.
some of the...

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Woe, woe, to the traitorous children of Mars;
Who chalenge this bird, with his banner of stars;
We will teach them this lesson, that truth and the right
Are ever Triumphant, and must win the fight.
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...boys will go to their long home before spring if we hav to lay on the ground all winter. we hav to lay on the ground in cloth tents       old bray[?] lost a great many of his men when he crossed the Ky mountains       the snow was 10 inches deep on the mountains and his men were so badly clad that they died on the way.
you may look for something at the express office in Marshall before long       I must close for I cant think of eny thing at presant       this little pin is for Sady       you must write as soon as you get it       hav they drafted yet       W.O.W

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