Letter home to Eckford, Nov 1/62

Letter to Brother John

Wm's brother, John M. Clark;
born Nov 5, 1845, 17 years old in 4 days
postmarked 1862Nov08 Louisville Ky

Camp Fewet November 1 [1862]
Dear brother I have just come of from guard and feel some what sleeply    the boys ar enjoying themselvs the best that they can    some hav gon to town   some ar a pilching[?] quarts and some a writing    John Branard wants you to come out here to fife for him    Charley Noris is not a going to be drum maygor[major] for much longer   the boys dont like him much

        I wish that you had some of the saddles we took from the rebbles    they ar a kicking around the camp    We burnt better drums than old Gordon ever saw that we captured from the rebles    I should not wonder if you should see Mr. C. B. Kenedy to home before long    I think that he will be discharged    he will never get well here    if you get hold of some papers just send them to me    Miss Berdsley rote that her and mother...

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boy w/ flag from cover

...was a going to send a box if they knew where to send it    send it just as they send letters    when I get some money I am agoing to send for a furkin of butter    I can sell it for 40 cts a pound here    tell Charley and __t[?] Mumbrue that I want them to answer the letters that I hav wrote to them since I hav ben here    you answer this as soon as you get it or I shant write very soon again    giv my specs[respects?] to the friends that wont write    _[?] yours for ever

amen - W o W

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