Letter home to Eckford,   9/25/1862

the first engagement and the killing of a hog

  Hail, Columbia! Happy Land!, a poem 1st page
N 4 [4th letter?]

Camp Moor Oct 10

Dear friends
       how ar you all    I am well but thare is a great meany sick    one of our Company of this Redgment has been in one engagement    they fired 15 rounds at the 4 cavelery[cavalry] before they discovered the mistake   but nobody was hurt on either side    we hav just been out a trying our guns    U Fairchild was the first best H Burns 2 best, I was next best    yesterday I was 2 best at off hand

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621010wow2.jpg - 1855 Bytes
yesterday afternoon a little party of us was a looking of something to eat    I seen a hog off about 200 yards on a rise of ground    I fired my gun at him    as soon as the gun craced[cracked?] the hog rooled[rolled] down the bank
I wish that you would send me some stamps    I hav got 20 [dollars] owing to me and cant get enough to pay on letters    as soon as I can get some money I will send it home

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