Letters Home upon first coming West

new year's plans & the wind journal extracts


Needles, Calif.

Dear Parents,

I got into Needles on the evening of the 29th, for which I enclose my journal entry. I have been here two nights and am going to leave this morning. I got my mail yesterday. I thank you for the food, particularly the fruit cake. I'm going to get a bottle of Champagne & have my Christmas & New Years in one celebration on the 31st with the fruit cake, then I'll reread all my letters & think of all you in Milw.

I sent a package yesterday wh you should shortly get. In it are two rolls of B&W film and a picture key. #IX, a color 20 exp, is lost. I sealed it in its mailer but the last I saw of it was in my sick camp. Maybe someone will find it & mail it for me, hope so.

   My new address is:

   Love to all,


   Journal Entries: 12/29/

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