Letters Home upon first coming West

rockhound, coyote companion & a pleasant camp w/sketch


Lake Mohave

Dear Parents,

To satisfy your thirst for detail I enclose a copy of the last 4 days from my diary. Also some pictures of my self, crude but the best I can do as my camera refuses to take pictures of me without my operating it. Pass them around and I would like the pictures added to my photographs1. When I get to Bullhead City in 3 or 4 days I'll send a package home which I hope gets there before Christmas. It will contain a few presents, 2 rolls of B&W film, some maps, etc.

I can't remember [weather I've asked before or not] so.. Please send the two hundred dollars to me at Needles. Thanks.2

I'll miss all of you in Milwaukee at at Christmas. It seems strange out here that it is December. I go without shirt during the day and on the radio they're playing Xmas carols.

   Love to all,


    Journal Entries: 69/12/11 thru 14, Four Sketches
  1. Interestingly the photographs and the oringinal journal disappeared over the years but these letters with their enclosed journal extracts and drawings survived thanks to my mother. The camera itself did not survive the trip, succoming to the wind-borne sand. Technology isn't all its cracked up to be, but perhaps it is improving. Consider the Internet which allows me to publish these letters.
  2. It is already becoming hard to remember the time before ATM's.

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