Letters Home upon first coming West

the wily coyote and swift roadrunner


Boulder City, Nev.

Dear Parents, Greetings from the Desert to those in the frozen North.

Below is pictured a Roadrunner, the first one of which I saw the other day. I decided to call him Turkey and invite him to dinner Thurs...
click for large view ...but, as in the movies, he's very fast. I had a Lipton's Turkey Primavera Dinner instead. Not bad, but I wager you had better.

I have also seen the Coyote, But he's quit chasing the Roadrunner and taken up panhandling from us humans.click for large image

Today I go into town & and get me kayak; I hope. This living in a regular campground is not to my liking. & now over the holiday the place has filled up & to my taste is vastly over populated.1 One trailer lined up after another with a liberal amount of speedboats. Trail bikes running around the camp all day, why not out on the trails? Oh well soon I'll be on the river. I will first spend a couple days on Lake Mead itself, then on to the river.

I hope everyone is well & not suffering too much from heart-burn or frost-bite. If you will notice, in the previous picture my face is red, well it's not burned but it sure isn't white.

Sally, you must be getting big, take care, I hope it's another boy. 2

Tom, I think you would be a fool to cut out now if you can manage to stay out of gaol.3

Lori, if you still collect rocks I'll send you some from the bottom of the Grand Canyon & other places.

And all you kids: Lori, Suzy, Chris, Jo Jo, Stephie, & soon to come...Smile.

Hey John, the desert sure is nice, Warm.
Love, Peter

  1. At this time almost no one came to Lake Mead or the lower Colorado River during the non-summer months. Only on the Parker Strip, 30 miles of river between Parker Dam and Headgate Rock Dam, did I see any boats on the river. return
  2. It was Jennifer. return
  3. This bizarre combination of American slang and British spelling refers to Tom's successful attempt to evade the Vietnam Draft. After bouncing back and forth one step ahead of draft boards between Wisconsin and California for a year or so, he finally got tired and reported. He was declared 4F by a sympathetic doctor. return

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