Journal Entry: 69/12/14,

Extracted and Expanded for Letter Home

L. Mead portage journal extracts & sketches


Sunday, 69/12/14 11:00

Got a good start this morning. Twenty nine minutes to break camp & launch. I was on the water at 9:15. Now at Eldorado Canyon. If anything was ever misnamed it's this. It used to be Fisher's Landing. An appropriate name even if Fisher is no more but El Dorado this aint. Just a common every day desert wash. The facilities are meager to say the least.

I'm out of Black Canyon now. Its southern portal was the chalk Cliffs. The last vestige of current is now engulfed by the Davis Dam creation: Lake Mohave.


After a dinner more varied than usual: Beef Almondine, Green Beans, Cheese, Bread & Butter, an Orange, and Coffee.

I'm 34 mi. downriver from Hoover Dam, half way to Davis Dam. I should make Davis in three days easy.

The Rockhound,
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Today I made very good distance, even with three stops. My first stop was for a beer at Eldorado Canyon. Next I stopped for lunch and found the desert floor littered with stones polished by the elements. I took about 5 lbs. I'll have to sort them out when I get to Davis Dam before I portage.
myRock.tmb.jpg - 1633 Bytes

My third stop was brief. I was paddling along when I saw two gulls and a raven soaring around in circles. The raven had to occasionally gently flap his wings, but the gulls moved only their wing tips to steer. They were the more efficient.

I was just drifting along, admiring them when I noticed a coyote trotting along a ridge line. He noticed me, we both watched each other. Then he trotted along, joined another coyote and they both disappeared over the ridge. I landed, climbed up the ridge & trotted inland myself. I saw one of the coyotes again as he turned on a hill top. We watched each other a while again. After that I relaunched & continued on my way.

My campsite here is the nicest in a long time.
It has real trees, Desert Willow (I think)
besides the ever present Tamarisk_
It's on a little cove with sand beaches,
open on the southeast so that I will get
the morning sun.
this picture is a mirror image [as i am right handed]
  1. actual demensions:
					2 x 1.5 x 3/4 in., 2.5 oz.
    I still keep one of these stones on my desk_ I can run my fingers across its smooth, concave surfaces as an antidote to the stresses and complexity of modern life. It returns me to the peace and simplicity of this trip and this desert. return
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