Journal Entry: 69/12/11,

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the portage around the dam


Thursday, 69/12/11

Today I portaged around Hoover Dam. I certainly hope it's the most difficult portage I ever have to make. I started last night when I paddled to the base of the trail up the mountain over which I had to portage. I knocked down the kayak and packed it up. This morning, before the sun came up over the mountains, I got up & had a cold breakfast. then I started packing. I took my hull bag first. It was heavy, about 45 lbs. I put it on my frame, took two other bundles in my hands and started up the long climb.

About 200 yds. over rough ground with no path I put the two small bundles down & continued with just the pack. About 1000 yds. further I stopped to rest taking off the pack and leaving it on some rocks. It fell. The frame broke into two pieces, usless scape metal now.
Sketch: The Portage
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It took me from 8:00 until 1:30, working consantly and hard to get every thing up that trail. I had figured that I would be up by 12:00. The loss of the pack frame was a disaster, forcing me to carry everything on my shoulders or in my hands.

Luckily the Park Service has a rule that they must drive every one down the restricted road below the dam where I launched. It's 500 ft. farther down, the differance in water level. I was able to launch and get a couple of miles below the dam by about 3:30.

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