Mining Days: the Trinity Alps

by Kayak Peter Wait

A Photo Album

Mining Days in the Trinity Alps, CA

1981 - 1984

Here follow some photos from my mining days amid the mountains of California.
I will eventually add more pictures and campfire tales or, as we refered to them, LIES.
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The cabin, built in 1937, was the center of the camp. The windows were surrounded by protruding nails to discourage bears. When there was no one around to swap lies with, books were our companions.

Gold was only the excuse or justification for living in the wilderness. Our great passion was tramping through the woods with the donkeys and living a 19th century existence. A love of nature our religion.

Food is a constant consideration. The garden provided beans, squash, collards, turnips, strawberries et al. Wild foods included salmon, trout, berries, greens and mushrooms. Each fall two deer were killed and preserved for the main protein of our diet.

December, 1982

If you stay until the fall rains, it's best to wait for the snow
when the rivers will go down and the crossings are easier.

With the first snows the world is turned into a wonderland reminiscent of my homeland of Northern Wisconsin...
[After taking the photo of the trail sign, I noticed a Fisher watching me from about 10' away. He said "No pictures!"]
...Though in Wisconsin there are no mountains. And most of the big trees have been cut except for those on the Menominee Indian Res.

     That's all for now, Kayak Peter

2004, peter j wait

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