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Mining Days

by Kayak Peter Wait

Table of Contents

In the 70's and 80's I spent time placer mining in the Sierra Nevada and the Trinity Alps of California. This an account of that time, some of the people I met and their stories.
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Table of Contents
JEFFERSON, CALIF. Introducing a town of the Mother Lode,
Mining in the Sierra Nevada in the 1970's
JORSTAD CABIN Introducing a Gold Camp in the Trinity Alps,
Mining during the 1930's through 80's
FIRST TALE How the Gold Pan Got the Hole in the Rim
& The Muffin Pan with the Hole in One Cup
SECOND TALE Do Bears Shit in the Woods?
from SF Examiner, dated 11/2/91
its construction & maintenance
PHOTOS of a Gold Camp in the Trinity Alps, 1981-84

     That's all for now, Kayak Peter

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This is the last working mine at Allegheny in the Sierra Nevada not far from Jefferson. Check out the comics and the pictures of specimen gold.

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